Bonus Codes

By the name alone, you can tell that Slotland Mobile Casino is a bonafide winner in the annals of the top online casino gaming spots. In addition to the huge spate of games that it has available from the very best slot-designers, Slotland has promotions and bonuses that will virtually knock your socks off! They do much more than merely stay competitive with their awe-inspiring welcome bonuses and packages suite, which is readily available the minute you download the casino software and make a qualified deposit (the amount is tiered, and is listed on the landing page). These serve as enticing avenues to all the goodies inside the lobby.

One of the top bonus packages consists of the Monthly Mystery Bonus, which provides the committed gamer with a chance to win a 30% reload bonus every single month. If this seems modest to you, then perhaps the next level up the triple tier will satisfy you: there's a 50% reload bonus for veterans. The final level consists of a swell 100% reload bonus that is guaranteed to catch your fancy. If you've taken the plunge and become a club member and made yourself eligible for points, then you're now privy to the VIP realm. As a VIP gamer, the reload bonuses ratchet up to 45%, then 75%, and then a truly mind-boggling 150% every single month. All of these gifts are delivered conveniently into the inbox that came with your newly created casino account - it's a seamless process through-and-through.

As for the Welcome Bonus itself, you can expect a wide range of deposit-match amounts once you complete the three quick steps required for registration at Slotland Mobile Casino. Using the bonus Welcome codes, you can get a full 100% bonus on your initial deposit, and then a 50% bonus on all the remaining ones up to your 10th deposit. By definition, Welcome Bonuses are reserved for new players alone for obvious reasons, and you can only create a single account for physical player.

The Weekly Free Draw and the Free 100$ for $1,000 bonus packages are some of our favorites, because they reward you for being a committed gamer at this online casino. All you need do is make sure you log in every single week in order to access this feature, which can enter you into a prize pool of $1,500 - names are drawn from the collection. You get a raffle ticket for the draw for every single American petro-dollar that you deposit. Then, on Wednesdays, a bevy of 20 players are awarded the Weekly Free Draw prize, about which they are notified through email. If you're the first one drawn, then you win $500. If your between numbers 2 and 10, then you still get $100. If you're anywhere in the 11-20 range, your account is increased by $10.

Bonus Codes for Existing Players

Unlike so many of the other online casino that exist in the vast realm of cyberspace, Slotland Mobile continues to ply its loyal followers with promotions and bonuses long after you have become a member - as long as you play consistently. This means visiting the casino regularly from your mobile device or desktop pc, so that you don't miss any fleeting promotions. For example, there's the Weekly Free Draw Bonus Codes, which are available for gamers who have downloaded the casino software and are able to check in every week - at least once. You are awarded prizes based on your position in a raffle draw; players from 1-20 receive some cash to be used inside the casino.

The next promotion of note is the $100 for $1,000 deposit bonus; do not mistake this for a welcome bonus because it is nothing of the sort. You can get your hands on this huge multiple of your deposits simply by racking up multiple 10% cashback amounts on every dollar you put into the games inside. This means that a $100 bonus is added to every single $1000 deposit you make into Slotland Mobile Casino. Before you know it, you can have racked up over a thousand dollars as you put down $1000, $2000, $3000, $4000, $5000 and more into your casino account. Just imagine playing all of this newfound bonus cash on your favorite video slots and table games.

Although you can find the bonus codes on the website, we will list a few here and go through the values. The so-called OLDIES bonus code is good for 70%; you can access it on both Monday and Tuesday for an awesome start to your week. There are a few limitations as pertains to which games you can play with this bonus code: try your hand at Treasure Box Slots, Super Sevens table game, Mega Spin, Fruit Mania Slots, Jacks or Better Progressive, Golden 8 Slots from the Orient, Lucky Ducts and Reel Riot. You can redeem this one 2x times, and your wager must be in the upper ranges at a value of 27x. How else do you think Slotland Mobile Casino gets the cash to pay out such handsome bonuses?!

You can find all of the above bonus codes and more in the Daily Specials section of the brand new satellite of Slotland Mobile Casino; these are all for existing players so that you don't feel left out of the good tidings that the newer players receive with the Welcome Bonuses. Even if you're just starting out, you can still take advantage in short order of the bonus codes inside, since you are now a member after you make a deposit. Becoming a veteran has never been so lucrative as it is in this player's casino. In the following summaries, you'll be apprised of the deposit bonuses, the no deposit bonuses, the weekly offers and even the deposit bonuses that are good for free spins exclusively - which means that you can ostensibly only use them for video slots.

Deposit Bonuses

It should come as no surprise that deposit bonuses are one of the biggest draws to online casinos in general - in addition to the ease and convenience of being able to play your favorite slots and table games from almost anywhere in the world. Slotland Mobile Casino is another in the long line of elite gaming halls that provides a wide range of deposit bonuses for new players and veterans alike, making sure to be inclusive of all gamers who visit their site. This particular benefit started way back in the early 2000s, which is part of the reason why mobile gaming with online casinos skyrocketed to the prominence it has today.

As for the deposit bonuses that are on tap today at Slotland Mobile, you can opt into them simply by downloading the casino software and opening up an account. Although Instant Play is available, you cannot receive a deposit bonus by playing for free; the gifts you can receive are detailed in the following section as the no deposit bonus, however.

For an initial deposit of $1000 - which can actually be spread out over 10 consecutive deposits - you can receive a Match Bonus. The delivery method is tiered; for the first deposit the bonus code WELCOME1 delivers 100% of your cash courtesy of the House coffers. For the second deposit through the 10th deposit, the various enumerated bonus codes provide a 50% Match Bonus. Make sure you enter the code in before you actually make the relevant deposit, otherwise it won't be credited to your account and you'll have to make another one in the proper order. All bonus codes can be redeemed in the Slotland Mobile Casino Banking section

Keep in mind that the above only applies to new players, since it is a Welcome Bonus, after all. For others, the Monthly Mystery Bonus is a deposit bonus that gifts you with a percentage of your expenditures via reloads. It is a scaled gift, and every single month in which you are an active player, it will grant a reload bonus of 30%, 50% or even 100%. Furthermore, Slotland Mobile has VIP Membership option available, in which players can opt into an in-house system of rewards that lets you climb up a ladder using Competition Points. If you are a VIP member, then your monthly reload bonuses jump up to 45%, 75% or 150% of your losses recouped at the end of the month, with the extra cash delivered at the beginning of the new month.

Lastly, how do you get direct access to all of these deposit bonuses? The bonus codes are on the website, and you will find more information in the monthly newsletter sent to you by the Casino House. By clicking on the mini-slot contained inside the email, you will activate the rewards once the specific bonus code is sent to your inbox. Join Slotland Mobile Casino for the best deposit bonuses the online gaming casino world has to offer.

No Deposit Bonuses

The no deposit bonus is a curious thing - precisely because it might seem that casinos would only lose money if they implemented such a thing. In fact, however, the opposite is often true: casinos make more because it brings more real money gamers in. Rather, it brings more free players who end up becoming real cash players once they see how many other benefits the casino has to offer. After the first few years of being used as a marketing attribute, no deposit bonus offers have now become pretty much mandatory in order to be competitive - the only difference is just how expansive they are from online casino to online casino.

How does the no deposit bonus differ from the Match Bonus, for example? Well the answer is in the name: for the Match bonus, which is usually used as a Welcome Offer, you have get back from the casino one hundred percent of whatever you put in - up to, of course - a certain capped amount. For the no deposit bonus, all you need do is show up and claim your stack of virtual cash (virtual because it has to be used at the visiting casino). Now, you can access the premium games inside the casino lobby and perhaps start your winning streak. It's more engaging than the fun money alternative, in which you can chance upon the most awesome winning streak on an otherwise high-paying video slot, only to remember that the money you're winning isn't real.

If you're like most online casino gamers, then you know not to get too carried away with the no deposit bonus offer. Use it to whet your appetite for real money play; but do not commit yourself to spending exorbitant amounts of cash once you download the casino software and sign up for a qualified account. The purpose of the no deposit bonus is to draw you in; be responsible and use it to your advantage, since there's no obligation to sign up after you've spent it all. And the best thing of all is that you get to keep any winnings that come with your free money, should luck smile on your video slot play (in some casinos, you can also play table games using the no deposit cash).

As for Slotland Mobile Casino, they often have a multitude of no deposit bonuses - the terms change periodically. For example, there was a $66 No Deposit Bonus just recently, and it was applicable for all PC and Mobile Device players. It's only for new players, though (for obvious reasons), and the maximum cashout is for $100. There's no minimum wagering amount, and the cashable bonus is given before you begin playing - as opposed to the no deposit bonuses of some other casinos, which actually make you spend money and then allow you to recoup your expenditures after you play. Always check Slotland Mobile for new promotions, since they refresh their list every so often. Whether you're new to the game or a veteran, the spate of promotions can end up putting loads of cash back into your pocket.

Free Spins Bonuses

Given the sheer popularity of video slots in general, Slotland Mobile Casino has really got it figured out with their brand new Free Spins Bonus offer. This refreshes every once in a while, bringing you awesome additions that will have you gaming well into the night on House cash. The first of the free spins promotions actually comes in the form of the new player welcome bonus, which allows you to use your newfound match bonus cash to play your favorite slots for free (as far you're concerned), up to the amount of cash given to you by the casino. Then, you can start to use your own funds if the game appears to be going well. The amount you get is $1000 spread out over 10 deposits - all of which must be consecutive.

Some of the free spins bonuses can only be used on select slots; the following are a few of the ones that are eligible:

  • Treasure Box Slots: This is an original creation by Slotland Entertainment, and is a Classic Slot boasting 3 reels and 4 paylines. At Slotland Mobile Casino, you can scoop up a 70% bonus on Mondays and Tuesdays - contingent on certain terms that are listed in the casino. The Wild symbol in this game can unlock multiple factors of your starting wager. Did we mention that there's a progressive jackpot, and that it just might be yours on the House dime? Well - looks like we just did. Play Treasure Box slots today with your allotment of the free spins bonus from Slotland Mobile Casino.
  • Fruit Mania Slots: Given that fruits are a constant theme in most Classic Slots, it should come as no surprise that there are several slots with this moniker. The one that concerns us in particular is from the geniuses at Slotland Entertainment, and although it has the appearance of a Classic, the 5 reels and 15 paylines would beg to differ. This bonafide video slot also offers a double wild for ore paying substitutions, and allows a solid range of coin denominations for the real money player. Use your slots bonus on this one if the theme suits your fancy, because it has a host of bonus features and a Bonus Meter that keeps the tally for you. The actual feature is triggered when the Bonus Meter fills up, for reference. The fruits on the reels include a pair of cherries, an orange, a lemon and an eggplant. The numeral 7 and a Black BAR are also featured, and a golden bell rounds out the number of paying icons.
  • Lucky Ducts Slots: With 5 reels and 19 paylines, this oddball video slot is just one payline short of the standard fare. Don't let that stop you, however, from using the casino House free spins bonus on it with hopefully great success. In fact, this is one of the more generous ones that we've ever come across, for there are 50x multipliers in addition to scores of free spins in the real money game.The symbols on the reels belong on an impromptu beach setup, and with the amount of moolah that's tucked away in the game, you stand a good chance of getting your competitive juices flowing. Download the slotland Mobile Casino software so you can use the free spins bonus to access these amazing video slots.

Weekly Offers

This, of course, is part of the promotions suite here at Slotland Mobile Casino. No only do you receive a generous Welcome Bonus as a newcomer to this slice of cyberspace gaming, but you also become privy to numerous weekly offers that spring up during any calendar month. For example, the Weekly Free Draw Offer is known for delivering the goods in the amount of $500 to Slotland Casino players - this largest amount goes to whoever takes the top position. The only requirement for eligibility here is to deposit the minimum allowed amount every single week. On Wednesdays, then, you get one entry for every single dollar you deposit into your account that week, up to that point.

Now, although it is only the top position that receives a $500 prize, any winners who land in positions 2 thru 10 get a not inconsiderable $100 in the Weekly Free Draw Offer. In the final slot, winners who come in on th trailing end of positions 11-20 still get a solid $10 to use towards the slot of their choosing. Clearly, this weekly offer is skewed towards those who play most often, and seeks to reward the more loyal customers of Slotland Mobile Casino.

Bitcoin Bonus Codes

In order to fully access all the promotions and benefits inside Slotland Mobile Casino, you need to first download the casino software, and then head to the website on either your mobile device or desktop to locate the various Bonus Codes. For example, to start things off the right way, you are privy to a Welcome Bonus over your first ten deposits. Respectively, for each one, the Bonus Codes are WELCOME1, WELCOME2, WELCOME3, WELCOME4, WELCOME5, WELCOME6, WELCOME7, WELCOME8, WELCOME9 and WELCOME10. It is important that you follow the rules for redeeming these carefully so that they count - activate them before you make the qualified deposit for each level.

Next, we've got the possibility of using alternative forms od deposit; chief among them being the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. With this option, you can use your digital wallet to both deposit and withdraw your winnings (or a portion of them, if you've really made out well on the video slots and table games here at Slotland Mobile Casino). Be sure to always check the website for updated news on the minimum amounts for eligibility. The Bitcoin Bonus Codes will be displayed prominently in the Deposit/Withdrawal subsection of the overall Banking Section. Also stop by the Promotions Menu for more information. Buy all accounts, Bitcoin is the future when it comes to making online casino deposits, and many other online gaming halls are beginning to add Bitcoin Bonus codes to their suite of payment options. Download the Slotland Mobile software to open up a world of gambling opportunities, and have your Bitcoin wallet/address at the ready for secure transactions.

VIP Membership

One of the best things about linking up with Slotland Mobile Casino is the chance to join the Very Important Persons Rewards Club. This excellent platform has 6 levels in total; you ascend each one by procuring Comp Points, which comes through logging in consistently and giving the games inside the casino lobby a spin for real money. Instant Players cannot join the Rewards Club; VIP Membership is slated only for committed gamers.

When you sign up, you begin on the Amber Level. The bonuses you gain are considerable even in this beginning rung of the VIP Membership ladder; a 10% bonus is applied to whatever deposits you make during the week from Monday thru Friday. Additionally, you get Comp Points on every single wager you make whether you win or lose on that particular slot or table game! As the week winds down, the Com Points get even better: on Friday, you get an amazing 100% bonus on the first deposit you make that is at least $100. On the first day of the work week, your bonus is 75% on your very first $100 (or greater) deposit. On Wednesday, the Amber Level prize is 50% on the first deposit you make of $100 or more.

The very next VIP Club Membership Level is Bronze, after the arcane metal first used in weaponry. As you gather Competition Points by playing your favorite video slots and table games, you will see the meter eventually reach 10,000. When this happens, you're vaulted automatically into the Bronze realm, and will thus start receiving 15% Bonuses on every single deposit that you make each day. Additionally, you'll automatically get the Comp Points commensurate with the Bronze Level on all of your wagers, as well as the following percentage promotions:

  • Fridays - 100% on Initial Deposit; good for amounts up to and including $100
  • Mondays - 75% on Initial Deposit; good for amounts of up to $100
  • Wednesdays - 50% on Initial Deposit; this one is good for amounts up to $100, as well.

Predictably, the next level in the hierarchy is Silver; you reach this point once you've acquired a whopping 50,000 Comp Points. As soon as this happens, you are vaulted to a new tier in which you now get 20% on every single deposit you make no matter how many you make during the day. Of course, you continue to acquire new Comp Points - except this time, you get them prorated at the Silver Level:

  • Every Friday, you will now get a 100% Bonus on your first deposit of right up to $250!
  • On Mondays, you will get 75% on your first deposit up to $250.
  • On Wednesdays, you'll get 50% on your initial deposit of up to $250.

Known in antiquity by the Latin name, Aurum; Gold Level is a fitting name because of all the prizes in store for the VIP Member who makes it to this hallowed realm. It takes a considerable 100,000 Comp Points, and your take is bumped up to 25% on all daily wagers at Slotland Mobile Casino. On Fridays, Mondays and Wednesdays you get the same percentage on your total initial wager as in the Silver Level.

We are now on the elite rungs of VIP Membership with the Platinum Level. At a truly gigantic 500,000 Comp Points, you slide into the considerable 30% bonus on each deposit every day. All of the percentages from the earlier levels apply - except this time, the size of your eligible deposit jumps a considerable amount to $500. We close with the final Diamond Level, at which you receive an amazing 35% on all your deposits every day. It's a long journey, but shorter if you're consistent and frequent Slotland Mobile Casino daily for your dollop of online casino play. Download the casino software and become a VIP member today.

Slots Bonuses

Slots Bonuses are a tried-and-true enticement for old and new players alike once you make it to Slotland Mobile Casino. With the traffic to video slots at an all-time high, top casinos such as this one are doing everything they can to take advantage of the explosive interest. Of course, the $1,000 Welcome Bonus that you receive the minute you download the casino software and create an account can be used entirely towards slots, as well.

One of the top codes that can be used as both a slots bonus and a table game or specialty game bonus is OLDIES. This includes a 70% redeemable feature that is valid on both Mondays and Tuesdays, and can be used on Treasure Box slots, Golden 8 Slots, Lucky Ducts Slots, Mega Spin Slots, Fruit Mania Slots and others. The non-video slots on which it can be used include Jacks or Better Progressive and Super Sevens (the latter is a Classic , 3 reel, 1 payline slots).

Keep in mind that there are always new promotions going on eac week as you check back, so the slots bonuses listed above are not the only ones for which you will be eligible if you become a member at Slotland Mobile Casino. Always check your casino account for emails that might alert you to new bonuses; be sure to check the website, as well.

Card and Table Games Bonuses

When it comes to Table Games and Cards, Slotland Mobile Casino has you covered there, as well. Of course, some of your Welcome Bonus money can be used towards these; additionally, there are exclusive bonus codes that will only work with Card and Table Games. For example, the Special Match Bonus code VPOKER is a 42% bonus that's only good on Wednesdays and Thursdays of the work week. It can redeemed at a rate of 4x, and with a wager of 23x. The games for which it is valid includes Tens or Better, Double Bonus Poker, Aces & Eights, All American, Aces & Faces MultiHand, Jacks or Better Multi-Hand and others. Visit the Table Games section to discover more, once you are inside the casino lobby.

Another one of the Card and Table Games Bonuses is 55WEEKEND. This bonus covers 55% and is eligible for use all through the weekend, starting on Friday and ending on the weekend, as you pony up for an exhilarating weekend of table gaming. It can be redeemed at a clip of 6x, and with a wager of 25x. The relevant games are Progressive Jackpot games, Slots and Keno.

Keep in mind that even as the current bonus codes may expire, they are always being replaced by new ones as Slotland Mobile Casino expands its offering for real money players.

How to use Bonus Code

The method for using Bonus Codes at Slotland Mobile Casino is as easy as can be - and this is by design. After all, the online gaming casinos want you to visit and play the night away, right? Therefore, it stands to reason that they would make everything as straightforward as possible. All relevant bonus codes are on the casino website; just enter them as written into the provided menu after you download the casino software, sign up and receive your free casino account. It is imperative that you enter in the Bonus Code before you play - otherwise you'll have to use it another time.

To locate them precisely, visit the Overview section on the Slotland Mobile Casino site; check out the sub-menus entitled $1,000 Welcome Bonus, Monthly Mystery Bonus, Weekly Free Draw, Free $100 for Each $1,000, VIP Program, Newsletters, and Special Match Bonus.

Bonus Code Terms

Although they are a very beneficial addendum to the online casino, there are still some Bonus Code Terms you'll have to follow to make the best use of them. For starters, on many of them, there's a 1x wager requirement - otherwise your withdrawal won't be processed. For the Welcome Bonus Codes in particular, the primary term and condition for eligibility is that you cannot have another existing account. Be sure, again, to redeem all codes BEFORE you make a deposit so as to receive the benefits expeditiously. Generally, unless specified otherwise, there is a 12x wagering requirement for any bonuses offered by Slotland Mobile Casino.

Limited-Time Bonus Offers

Not all the bonuses offered inside last interminably; as a new member, you will want to take advantage of the limited-time bonus offers as soon as you're made aware of them. The best way to facilitate this is to create a new account and check it regularly; all bonus announcements and codes will be delivered straight to your inbox, as well as posted on the landing page of the casino. Download today to begin playing using free money; it just might be your time to shine at Slotland Mobile Casino!

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