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Here are Slotland, we're all in love with slots, and have scoured the internet to make the best online resource for them! Whether you're into the now standard 5 reel games or the more traditional 3 reel style, enjoy sign up bonuses, and in general like winning money on the internet, you'll love these games, and the winnings they provide!

Slotland Casino is a dazzling online gaming spot with plenty of new upgrades and offers in the new year. The site redesign was launched recently to much fan acclaim, and the Welcome Bonuses are primed and ready to start you off on the right foot with Casino House cash.

Slotland Casino: Home of Exhilarating Gameplay and Wins

Slots Any casino gamer that has been around for awhile will probably remember the Slotland Casino brand from as far back as 1998, when the website first launched to much fanfare. The new site redesign has kept the best features from back then, while adding new ones based on analytics - you'll have a blast here with all the top slots and table games. Although you'll of course find most of the better slots that are also available at other casinos, you'll be surprised by the quality new ones that you won't see anywhere else for awhile. The software is exclusive and well-vetted, which means you won't run into the bugs and crashes that inferior online casinos often experience. The best thing about the games, other than the sheer fun involved in playing them, are the qualified wins you can achieve - big dollar amounts are the standard here!

Slotland Hands Out Wins Galore

Although graphics and gameplay feature strongly in all of the games here at Slotland Casino, the number one feature they possess that you won't find anywhere else is a high variance in the games - which, in normal persons' speak, just means you have a very good chance of winning if you play for a while. The casino interface allows for easy switching between games to rack up your winnings. One minute you can be spinning the reels on the new Almore Slots, the next you can be placing bets on the many paylines of Alice in Wonderland Slots. These games have got all that you can ask for, including Free Spins, Multipliers, Wild Symbols, Scatter Symbols and Bonus Features. In fact, Ninja Power is a great slot with a lucrative Dragon Jackpot for a lucky winner every day.

Join Up to Experience VIP Offers

Online Casino Games for Real Money

Slotland Casino considers every single one of its members as a very important person. After all, it's you who keep us going, and we're glad to offer something in return: games, games and more games! In addition to the Welcome and Match Bonuses, there are plenty of Promotions that you can only access once you download the casino software, sign up and make a deposit. You'll notice that, as you keep on returning to Slotland, you'll receive more emails containing special gifts like Mystery Bonuses every month, Cashback offers on cash well-spent at the casino, Weekly Draws and a lot more. This is why it's important to sign up; the Instant Play mode doesn't leave you with an inbox at which to receive these delicious gifts. You'll find that the longer you're an active member, the more free stuff you'll get here at Slotland.

The Best Slots Site Today

We're not fans of hyperbole here, so rest assured that when we say Slotland is the best slots spot in the online space today, we mean it. We're a fully functional, accredited gaming site and have been so for decades, with an around the clock customer service squad that's eager to answer your questions or accept your comments. Our banking section is also completely up to date with the highest security standards, so that all transactions are safe. In addition to the standard financial methods, we also take the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Come aboard and join Slotland as your number once online casino choice.

Casino software

We are backed by the best software in the business, offering games from a variety of providers periodically, such as Real Time Gaming, Wager Gaming, and the like. You don't have to worry about these being cheap one off games that have not stood the test of time and don't pay out. These are the best of the best, continually updated, constantly curated, and here for your slot going pleasure!

This Casino Accepts USA / Australia / Canada / Europe Players

From wherever you are, and anywhere you happen to find yourself, you can rest assured that you're welcome around here! A lot of people wonder and are worried about whether online gambling is illegal in their country, whether it's all on the up and up, and whether roaming around the world will somehow bar them from winning online and living it up like the rest of us. It's all indeed possible, perfectly legal, and you're fine doing it from almost anywhere! Your account is tied to your payment and deposit method, and if it's from all of the major regions people play and pay from, you'll be find gambling and growing rich around here.

Great Casino Games

None of the above would matter if the games weren't good, and you can rest easy knowing we've got the best of the best! Our casino slots are top notch, without peer, and the ones players love most from all over the internet. We're brought them all together for the most compelling package we have ever seen online, and even in person at old time casinos you would find on the Vegas strip.

If you are looking for the greatest slots imaginable, and want them constantly updated and added to as new games come out, then you've found the right place!

Play Online Casino Games for Free

Some people aren't looking to win money, and simply enjoy the thrill of spinning a good slots. We understand, and have got you covered! You can play almost all of our games in free to play mode, requiring no real money or anything of that kind. Of course, your winnings here won't be real either, but it's still fun to play many of these games regardless of their payout, and we can't blame you for wanting to dip your toe in first before taking the monetary plunge!

Play Online Casino Games for Real Money Too!

If you ever decide you'd like to be rich, however, we are more than happy to help you out there as well! We accept real money and pay out real winnings each and every day. You can feel like you're in a real casino, walking away with the same ups and downs we've all grown addicted to over time without having to worry about leaving your apartment or home. You can even use real money from your car, turning downtime on the road into a financial investment opportunity!

New Slots Added All the Time

Slots are continually developed and frequently updated, but even the best of them can grow stale if you've spent enough time with them. We understand, and are continually adding new and better slots to the mix all the time! You can check back frequently and see new faces and boards popping up, trying out new things, mixing up your genres, and in general, not being stuck with the same old thing for months on end.

Epic Casino Promotions

We're not content with merely providing you nice games to play and ample opportunities to win. That would be boring, and plenty of people do that online-though few as good as us! We also turn the process of registering and playing into its own game, however, offering some of the best promotions in the business, and continually adding more as we go along!

We give out all kinds of casino coupons, have very generous signup bonuses, allow bonuses for direct deposit, have a bonus for no deposit as well should you go that route, give out endless free spins and free chips, as well as offer a lot of very generous cash back options and reload bonuses. During the holidays, it's also rare we're not running a promotion during that time as well!

Industry Standard Tournaments

Playing alone is fun, and we do that all the time. What's even better than that, however, is playing in a widespread tournament against all kinds of other players! That is what really turns slots into an event, making the whole thing a thrilling experience with all the ups and downs you'd find in a sports match and similar things. We start and stop tournaments on a regular basis across a variety of genres, and even have some in multiple genres, so check back frequently to see what's going on, and if you'd like to become involved!

Guaranteed Great Casino Payouts

One of the big fears on the internet, as well as when gambling in person, is that you'll put all this money in, and it's all rigged to lose and laugh in your face! We don't do that around here, and each and ever game has been ensured to have a high RPE, typically around 94-96%, varying on the game itself. We of course cannot guarantee if or when you'll walk away a millionaire like some people indeed do, but we can tell you that our games are all tested to be more than fair, and it's very rare someone doesn't walk away having won at least once. In fact, it's statistically almost impossible!

Rewards Because We Love You!

We love slots and we love fellow slot players. For that reason, if you're kind enough to jump into our neck of the woods and give one of these slots a spin, we're more than happy to reward you! We have various promotions going on all the time, so check back frequently to see what's to be had and if you'd like to get in on it. We do things such as giving players cashback, rewards for logging in more often, playing more, and things like that. We even reward some players for winning! It's a game just to be on the site, assuming you sign up and make an account.

Best in Class Mobile Casino

Most of us now don't access the internet from a stuffy old computer. Most of our time spent online is from a mobile device of some kind, typically from an iPad, iPhone, or Android device. With that in mind, we've tailored this site to run wonderfully across all of those platforms, sacrificing nothing in the process, and delivering the same industry standard experience we provide from a desktop computer.

Online Casino App

For those that want a device tailored experience, we even offer an online casino app to download and boot up if you'd like to get in on the fun that way. One advantage of that is that they are completely tailored to your device, run natively and not through a web browser, and make managing things like payment info and processing all that a breeze on most devices, particularly on Android and iOS. If you'd like to have a perfectly made game play perfectly well on your fancy new phone or tablet, this is the way to do just that!

Playing Without Registration

Sometimes registering can be a daunting and hard experience, putting some players off from even trying to play, and leaving many people in the dust. If you're trying to just play for fun, you can do just that, all without even having an account! Of course, if you want real money then you'll have to really register, but if you'd like to window shop or get a feel for things first and how easily money can be won, you can do all of that in an instant without stopping to verify your email or things of that nature.

Active Casino Blog

In addition to everything that's going on within the main site itself, we also have a very active blog that's always updated with the latest happenings, industry news, promotions, and fun stuff just for fans! We're players just like you, and treat this site like our personal playground to share and have fun, just like everyone else. You can expect good things here, and we promise we'll do our best not to make everything seem stuffy and administrative when we make a post.

Casino Forums to Die For

Our users are as vocal as we are, so we gave them a platform to speak! Come on by and use your account to talk to your fellow players, share in the ups and downs of the slot world, and feel like your'e part of a growing online community that's only getting bigger and better. We're also members of the forum, so you may end up running into us from time to time there too! It's a great place to feel at home, reach out, and in general, not feel alone online.

Live Dealer Casino's Amazing

In addition to all the great slot games we have going, we're also happy to announce that we have a live dealer casino available for players that are looking for some more real time fun! This is an exciting way to play some of your favorite games, and at times works into various tournaments we have going on and things of that nature. Expect lots of promotions afoot on these, as we're always looking for more players to jump into the competitive nature of the more skill based online casino games!

Many Deposit Methods

Whether you like cash or crypto, we take all the standard forms of payment here. We understand that many people live and die by their pay out method, and we're here for you as much as we can on that front. We take things from banks all over the globe, and it's very rare for a user to have a method we can't work out in some way. You can play easy knowing that you don't have to figure all of this out, giving you a wide variety of options to keep things easy and accessible when it comes to getting and giving money on the site.

Cash Out

Want your winnings to cash out in a cold hard fashion so you can be on your merry way and buy a yacht? Sure thing! We let you cash out whenever you'd like in almost any amount. You don't have to feel like your winnings are locked behind a wall here. It's all your money that you win, and we're not going to get in the way of that. We make the site like we'd like it to be as players, and you can cash out at a moment's notice. Note, however, that depending on your bank, the deposit can take longer if your bank takes longer to process things on their end.

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies Payments and Promos

If you're a fan of crypto like we are, we're delighted to tell you that it's our preferred payment method! You can regularly get promotions on using Bitcoin and the many flavors of that cropping up all the time. The promotions are pretty much always going on, so this is one thing that you can act on whenever you want. Take this as an opportunity to get in on the next wave of online money, and start your own crypto account to figure it all out if you already haven't! Payments also process instantly using this method of course, and it's the most secure way we've found to pay and accept money online.

Always There for You With Casino Help

Lost? Confused? Bewildered? Bewitched? We can help you out with all but one of those things, and are always around to help should you reach out! Whether by directly sending us an email, hopping on the active forums, or anything else, you are welcomed and encouraged to ask for help if you've found something on the site you don't understand, think something isn't working, or anything related to figuring this whole online slot world out on this vast reaching internet we're all now living in.

Support hours can vary, but we always get back to everyone eventually, and it tends not to take all that long because we're pretty on top of that. No question is too stupid, and no email unwarranted! Reach out and let us know what's up. We're happy to help.