The first thing you should know about banking at Slotland Casino is that it has the highest levels of safety in terms of casino related financial transactions on the Web. All monetary exchanges occur in American Dollars; but keep in mind that because of the different currency exchange rates between different countries and banks, you may get a different amount in your account than what shows up initially.

As you play the casino games at Slotland, there’s a courtesy prompt reminding you of when you need more funds in your deposit account in order to continue gaming for real money. It’s called a Money Transfer dialog, and helps you keep abreast of your account balance when it is low.

Slotland Casino is very accepting of a wide range of payment options, so that you are not unduly restricted from filling up your deposit account. This not only covers traditional means of funding, but also extends to cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. In fact, Bitcoin has the best properties of all of them - including major credit cards and debit cards. See below for all of the accepted banking methods:

Make a Deposit at Slotland Casino

Although the casino, itself, does not charge you anything for making a deposit, your bank might charge processing fees. These are costs that are actually incurred in making international transactions and currency conversions; they are always borned by the consumer, and can be as high as 10%.

Credit Cards

Visa: You can enjoy instant deposits using your Visa credit card. Slotland Casino is happy to accept this trusted brand, as long as the particular Visa card you have is slated for online transactions across borders.

MasterCard: Similar to Visa, MasterCard is also welcome at this casino. Check the requirements on your end, and then you can start making deposits.


If you already have a Skrill account from Moneybookers, then making a deposit is simple and it shows up instantly. If not, then open a Skrill account before you head to Slotland Casino. If your particular country has anti-gambling laws in place, then you may be restricted from participating in the casino games for real money, or there may be certain restrictions on the extent of your gameplay.


Neteller has grown to become an ever more popular form of payment in the online casino gaming space, where the instant payment attribute is highly valued by customers all over the world where it’s allowed. Create a Neteller account and provide it with funding so you can sue it at the casino.


Are you on the Bitcoin bandwagon? If you’ve joined the Bitcoin craze, then you can use this cryptocurrency at Slotland Casino. Just make sure you’ve got a Bitcoin wallet; this way, the transactions are immediately converted to US money (dollars) and you can see them in your deposit account balance.

Making Withdrawals at Slotland Casino

Withdrawal options are spelled out below. Anything done with Bitcoin will be processed the next working day, which means tomorrow since this online casino is open around the clock. If you’re using another payment/acceptance form, then all withdrawals are processed each Tuesday of that coming week, with the payment cut-off being a minute before 24 hours via GMT time. Like with most online casinos, there are minimum withdrawal amounts, and this depends on the method of payment you choose.

  • Wire Transfer: This form of withdrawal is no-frills; it puts the money right into your bank account. There is a lowest withdrawal limit of $100 to make it a cost effective method, and you’ll see the money in 5-10 days.
  • Skrill: All you need to do to get money via your Moneybookers Skrill account is to send your Skrill email to Slotland billing. The minimum amount you need to have available to make a withdrawal via this method is $25. You’ll see the transaction details within 24 hours.
  • Checks: When using bank check, the lowest account balance at which you can extract money is $100; between 5-10 days are required before the transaction is completed and you can see it in your account, upon receipt of the tracking details at your email address. There is, however, a limit to the most that can be sent at any single time: $2,500. This is to protect both the casino and you, the customer. There’s an additional maximum limit of a single check issued per account per week.
  • Neteller: Similarly as with your Moneybookers Skrill account, the casino needs your Neteller account number in order to process payments. The least you can have before you use this withdrawal method is $25, and all the details of the transaction will take just 24 hours before they appear on your electronic statement. As with Skrill, if your country has anti-gambling rules/laws, then there could be restrictions on using this payment method.
  • Bitcoin: Bitcoin tends to be one of the easiest forms of withdrawal out there; all you need is a Bitcoin wallet so that the casino knows what address to send your money to. There’s a $100 minimum withdrawal limit when using the world’s foremost cryptocurrency.

That’s the gist of depositing and withdrawing at Slotland Casino. If you win a bunch of money, such as $5000 or more, then the you can contact the casino to talk about making special provisions for getting your cash to you. Just email Slotland billing to find out everything you need to know about this.

As is standard across the board, you cannot gamble at this casino if you’re under 18 years of age. Furthermore, it is also your responsibility to be aware of the gambling and tax laws that are in force in your particular locale. Any transactions between you and the casino are non-refundable and thus, final. As a player, it is your responsibility to know and understand the relevant tax laws in your jurisdiction. Peruse the banking section and understand the terms of each payment and withdrawal method, and have fun gaming here responsibly - we’re here to provide the fun.